September 29, 2016 launched the All-Russian scientific and practical activities “Relay university science – 2017”, aimed at promoting the implementation of the Strategy of development of medical science in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025, and the program to create maps of Russian science in the field of medicine.
“Relay university science – 2017” held among the medical universities in Russia in the format of the competition of scientific and innovative projects on core scientific platforms (approved by the Russian Ministry of Health Order from 30.04.2013 of №281):
1. “Cardiology and Angiology”;
2. “Neurology”;
3. “Endocrinology”;
4. “Pediatrics”;
5. “Psychiatry and addiction”;
6. “Immunology”;
7. “Microbiology”;
8. “Pharmacology”;
9. “Preventive environment”;
10. “Reproductive health”;
11. “Regenerative Medicine”;
12. “Invasive Technology”;
13. “Innovative basic technologies in medicine”;
14. “Oncology”.
Teams of medical schools will present their research projects in several categories: “Successful Start”, “Best research work” and “Promising innovative idea.” To participate in the contest of projects registered in the database, hosted on a dedicated website (
“Relay university science – 2017” will take place in several stages:
starting stage – opening Relay;
Stage I (high school) – is carried out at the university level;
Stage II (regional) – is carried out at the level of Russian federal districts;
Phase III (final) – is carried out on the site of the First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov.
The curator of the event for all federal districts of Russia this year will make Voronezh State Medical University. NN Burdenko. On the basis of the university will establish a central advisory council, which will determine the list of the best projects for participation in the final stage of the Competition.
Kuban State Medical University, the university appointed base for the regional stage of the contest in the Southern Federal District. Leading scientists and professors of the University will be part of the Regional expert council for examination of project participants in accordance with the established evaluation criteria.